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Social Media Ninjitsu | About
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A developer, writer, and musician looking to support innovation in tech and creative projects as a means to support the Los Angeles communities of entrepreneurs. Over 10 years of one-on-one training experience with diverse populations focusing on Web, Social, and SEO Development.

  • Developer and Training Manager at CodiePie
  • Social Media Director at Painted Brain
  • Consultant for Social Media Campaigns



Since 1995 the world wide web has evolved and turned garage startups into 500 fortune + companies. There’s no doubt the web is staying and only growing into our physical space through augmented reality. Did you know more and more people are viewing websites on mobile devices? This is a game changer and calls for UX/UI/Web Designers and Developers to really cater the framework for smaller screens. Web sites are heading toward Web Application frameworks with the added effects and functionality of that on mobile devices such as Geolocation, Camera, Gestures, which brings web platforms to scale giving its viability to cut the time of downloads and updates of the conventional native apps. If you’re interested in having my associates from CodiePie or me present to a group of young aspiring coders, on Web Design and Development or you’d simply like to hire me for services, click here,
otherwise, stay tuned as I will be publishing podcasts and posts on the Do’s and Don’ts with Web 3.0 compliancy.


More than 75% of the entire US population is on a social media platform. That’s more than 280 million users posting, uploading, updating, sharing, tweeting, selfying, etc. This means the social media feeds are over saturated with content and noise. So how can someone stand out amongst the crowd? Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have changed their algorithms to counter this issue, making it harder for social media curators and distributors to gain a following, exposure, likes, and shares. It will never be the same, which brings new sets of tools, costs, and ideas on how to grow the organization’s notoriety and following.


One of the most prevalent components into assuring your PR and social media campaigns aren’t shot in vain is simply through optimizing the site’s content with Micro-Content, Metatags, and Microdata. What does this mean, or entail you may ask. The following languages and markup will secure the best scrapes a crawler can have using:

  • HTML’s Metatags (not including Facebook Open Graph nor Twitter)
    • Title
    • Description
      • 160 characters max
        • Include keywords
    • Author
    • Image
    • URL
  • Data Attributes
  • Comprising keywords

If you’re interested in learning more to become an SEO Agent, contact me here.